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We are a non-profit Martial Arts Family Community Center.  We are currently offering martial arts programs in all styles.  Please call us at 1-401-274-7672 [tap number on your smart phone] or email to to schedule a free-trial class* for yourself, for your children, or for your family.




* Free-Trial Class:  You may call 1-401-274-7672 for a free-trial class for beginning classes starting in January, February, and March.  Please mention our "Intro to Martial Arts" current special offer, offered exclusively through this web site, which is our one-month free Introduction to Martial Arts/Self-Defense Class, which includes a free uniform if you decide to enroll for an ongoing monthly program after the first free month. The one-month free Intro to Martial Arts special is good for adult individuals as well as youth and families. Please print this offer statement out to bring in with you for your first appointment, or show it to our reception staff on your mobile device. This special offer is limited to the first five individuals or families to call anytime from December 20th to February 20th, for the January through March beginning classes. We're looking forward to working with you!


Check out our After-School Program Flier enrolling now for the winter session! Click Link ----> After-School Winter Flier 2015


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Main Street Martial Arts (Family Martial Arts, Family Aikido, Family Olympic Taekwondo, Samurai Training Arts Academy, Aikikai Aikido - Eastside, Jujitsu - Eastside, Karate - Eastside, Tai Chi - Eastside, Yoga - Eastside, Japanese Swordsmanship (Iaido/Iaijutsu) - Eastside, Go-Do - Eastside, Aikijujutsu - Eastside)


Main Street Martial Arts is a Family Martial Arts Academy, Black Belt School, and Multi-Disciplinary Japanese Samurai Mixed Martial Arts & Grappling Academy.  All of our programs are designed to be accessible to beginners, children, families, and individuals of all ages while inspiring and challenging newcomers and seasoned martial artists alike to new levels of strength, flexibility, endurance, superior health, and athletic performance.  We are a non-profit Family Community Center dedicated to peace, health, and safety.  We give a free trial program to anyone who wants to try out our school and scholarships for tuition for the families who need it the most.


If you're looking for a new challenge to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit, try working out with our Olympic Taekwondo or Samurai Training Arts (Japanese Mixed Martial Arts) Aikido, Jujitsu, Tai Chi, Swordsmanship, or other programs to get yourself into optimum condition in our Health & Wellness program. Tell us what your goals are! Start your inspiring journey to Black Belt today for an unforgettable lifetime achievement!


1282 North Main Street ~ Providence RI 02904
We are easily reachable by all highway points from


Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA), and Rhode Island (RI).

We are located just off of Highway 95, Exit 25 (North Main Street) on the East Side of Providence at 1282 North Main Street, Providence, RI, and our main entrance and parking lot are in the BACK of the building behind Reliable Auto Service at the corner of North Main/White/10th Streets.

Take Highway 95 North from Connecticut or Southern Rhode Island.

Take Highway 95 South from Central Massachusetts (Boston).

From Southeastern Massachusetts (Cape Cod) or East Bay Rhode Island, take 195 West to 95 North.

From Western Massachusetts ( Mass. Pike I-90 East  Exit 10 A ) to Worcester or from Northwestern Rhode Island, take 146 South to Admiral St Exit - Left at the End of the Exit - Right at the light at Charles St - Loop around the Mobil Station and Jump on 95 North Ramp to Exit 25.

We are accessible by Amtrack to the PVD Station.  Then walk out the back side of the station and down the plaza and down the steps to the R/Line Bus Northbound stop on Exchange Street near the corner of the intersection of Railroad St/Finance Way/Park Row W/Exchange St to North Main Street.  We are at the 9th Street stop on North Main Street on the R/Line just after Pep Boys.  Or, call us at 1-401-274-7672 when you pull into the PVD Station and we’ll pick you up as the train station is just a couple of miles away from the dojo.


Please feel free to stop by for a tour of the facilities at anytime between 3:30-7:30PM, Monday-Friday, or 9:30AM-1:00PM on Saturday.

Please call 1-401-274-7672 or send an email to to schedule an appointment for a free trial class.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your family!

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